Keeping Our Families and Neighborhoods Safe

As your representative on the DuPage County Board, my number one priority will be to keep our families safe and our neighborhoods secure. All elected officials must be committed to fully funding and supporting law enforcement. As a CPA, I would ensure that our Sherriff and our State’s Attorney offices have all needed resources to prevent and to deter any increasing crime coming into our County.

My family and I were victims of a frightening residential home invasion and burglary. We awoke and confronted him and we were all safe. DuPage County is known for safe streets and neighborhoods. But just as we saw with the December shooting at the Oak Brook Mall, as well as car jackings throughout the region, we are not immune from crime.

Our local law enforcement, in conjunction with our sheriff, must be given the resources to enhance preventive programs, expand neighborhood watches and increase security measures at public places.

Fiscal Responsibility

The best hedge against skyrocketing property taxes is a commitment to fiscal responsibility. As a career accountant, I know that disciplined budgeting and conservative spending can keep the County’s expenditures in line and allow the County to maintain healthy reserves.

Keeping the County’s property taxes stable will allow my children and yours to buy a home and raise their children in our great communities. We cannot maintain DuPage County’s quality of life and outstanding schools if we cannot attract young families to invest and live here.

Equally important is to support programs that help seniors stay in the communities they built. We must encourage wide options for senior living and protect and expand senior property tax exemptions.

Economic Development and Job Growth

I have been a small business owner in DuPage County for over 25 years. My expertise is in governmental accounting and individual and business taxes. I believe businesses thrive with minimal governmental regulation and in an environment that supports growth and innovation. Our businesses are the life blood of our County. The collaboration of businesses, chambers, Labor, and academia is vital to retain and attract business. I would make it a priority that the County Board be a leader in these efforts to continue to create high quality sustainable jobs.

Protecting Our Environment

DuPage County has more than 25,000 acres of Forest Preserves and the Illinois Prairie Path that runs 55 miles through DuPage and surrounding counties. It is vital that we protect these natural assets and continue to improve our recreational offerings. The Illinois Prairie Path is the jewel of the County and a key factor in our high quality of life. My family and I use it daily. The Prairie Path and our recreational options aid our ability to attract young families.

DuPage has made a commitment to innovative recycling and environmental initiatives. As a County, I believe we must lead in reducing fuel emissions and improving air quality. We must insist on having clean, abundant, and affordable water.

Caring for the Most Vulnerable

No one in our great County should go to bed hungry or homeless. The pandemic has left many without shelter and food. Funding our shelters and food banks is a necessity. For many years I volunteered at PADS. I am so glad, that thanks to the CARES ACT, the County was able to support a permanent home for PADS.

It is our responsibility as elected officials to make sure all in our County have access to food, shelter, health care, including mental health care, and opportunity.

Engaging the private sector, as well as the human services infrastructure throughout the County, DuPage County can be the model of a compassionate and caring county.