Meet Cindy

I am Cindy Cronin Cahill and I am excited about the opportunity to serve as your Republican representative on the DuPage County Board for District 1. I have lived in Elmhurst my entire life and care deeply about our community. My husband and I have raised our five children here. I have run my business in DuPage County for over 30 years. I am a candidate for DuPage County Board so that I can make our voices heard – keeping our community safe from crime, keeping taxes low so new families can move in and seniors can stay, and maintaining a strong and friendly business environment.

I am looking to give back to my community and looking to serve, but I need your help! Take a yard sign, introduce me to your neighbors, or volunteer in other ways.

"We endorse Cindy Cronin Cahill for DuPage County Board District 1. Cronin Cahill's campaign is focused on keeping a balanced budget during a changing economic environment while keeping taxes down to help out working families. DuPage County District 1 residents would benefit by electing Cronin Cahill. While facing inflation and increased government spending Cronin Cahill's financial experience would be an advantage."